Sodas A Major Factor in Obesity

Sugary sodas still a major factor in obesity


According to an article from Medline Plus on November 14,2017 the amount of sugary sodas we drink may be on decline. Yet the overall consumption of these drinks remains high.  Calories consumed are still too high and obesity is still on the rise.  Many of these calories are consumed from Sugar-Sweetened beverages and reducing these drinks can have a significant effect on obesity.  Many teens and young adults are consuming more than the recommended amount of added sugar set by the dietary guidelines for Americans.  Recommendations from The American Heart Association suggest no more than six to nine teaspoons of sugar a day and this includes sugar in everything eaten.  Yet Americans consume about 20 teaspoons of sugar a day.  Over time we become conditioned to drinking sugary beverages and it becomes regular part of our life and we neglect better choices such as water and other things that don’t have calories in them.  Parents can influence children to make good choices by modeling healthier choices themselves.  Children raised drinking water, milk or unsweetened, plant-based milks are content with these options.


Soda increases the total grocery bill

I work in a grocery store and every day there are large amounts of soda going through the check stand.  Often the sale is 24 packs or the 2-liter bottles.  Often the overall total of the cost of the grocery bill is over $150 and most of that cost is for the soda.


Eliminating Soda will reduce weight

When I was a young working adult I would drink a soda on every break and one at lunch.  When I got home I might drink 2 or more.  I made a decision to stop drinking soda altogether.  I did not change anything else in my diet and I started dropping weight dramatically.  I also noticed that other issues related to my digestion changed.  I felt better had far less digestive issues and had more of a desire to drink water. Stopping my soda consumption made a significant change in my life.


Benefits to drinking water

They human body has a huge need for water with a recommendation of 1/2 oz. of water per pound of body weight.  Water also helps to dilute and remove the toxins in our body.  Water is good for us and helps us to stay healthy.  Choosing to drink water with a meal or between meals also helps in portion control by making us feel full.  There are many benefits to drinking water. Today there are many attractive and useful containers for carrying water with us.  Many have ways to measure the amount of water in a container so that you can track the amount of water consumed.

Let’s Help Our Children

Although there has been a decrease in the amount of soda Americans are drinking overall the soda consumption is still high and we need to continue our efforts to reduce it.  Help our children make better choices and learn to take care of their bodies when they are young and they will continue this habit into adulthood.



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