Part 3 of 3 Processed Foods are they bad for you?

Part 3 of 3

Processed Foods are they bad for you?

Many of the additives and chemicals added to improve the canned food in some way are controversial. Studies show that many have links to diseases found in society today. So called improvements to the processing system are thought to be causing harm and yet we continue to use these methods. Why! Because it’s a big business. There is a lot of money to be made processing foods and that takes precedence over possible health risks. Processed foods are made to be addictive, some of the chemicals in these foods are known to shut off the part of the brain that tells the body it has had enough. Because of this processed foods are a major contributor to obesity which leads to adult onset diabetes, now called diabetes 2 because so many children are now found to have this disease.

These products contain large amounts of various kinds of sugar, known to provide empty calories and no essential nutrients and effect the metabolism and the way the body uses the energy. The fats and oils used in these foods are the worst kind for your body and cause more oxidation and inflammation. These are the fats and oils that are a leading cause in Heart disease.

Processed foods are a part of the culture now. Good or bad they are here to stay. We can however reduce our dependence on them. Avoid the worst of them, stop purchasing products that have these bad fats in them. Your heart will thank you if you replace them by eating healthy fats from whole raw foods. The pancreas will thank you for giving it a break and your cells will say thank you by being able to use the energy provided more effectively. You will naturally lose weight and have more energy because the nutrients you are taking in are in the form that your body was meant to benefit from. Also as we change our eating habits those of our children will also improve. Children will be better able to participate in school.

As we change what we eat we, change what we buy, then the business of processed foods will have to change to meet the new demands in order to make the money they were once making. Through small changes that grow into larger and larger changes the health of the nation will improve. As the health of the nation improves the cost of medical care will change, the cost of insurance will change, and the circle goes on and on. Help yourself, improve your health then help someone else. The revolution starts small but in can grow into something very large.

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12 thoughts on “Part 3 of 3 Processed Foods are they bad for you?

  • Rob Hemphill

    I used to grow a lot of our fruit and vegetables or buy from farmers markets, but now have to rely more on the big bad supermarkets. We are fussy about where our food comes from but never really know the full truth of its journey from farm to store shelf.

    In general, processed foods don’t play much of a role in our lives.

    • Robin Post author

      It’s great the processed foods do not play a large role in you life. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the most efficient way to provide nutrition for our bodies. We get so much more from eating this way than if we rely on supplements. Thanks for visiting my site. Robin.

  • Lyra

    Very informative post. I think it’s really sad that they don’t teach more about nutrition in our schools. They did a study and apparently something like 75% of people aren’t aware of the connection between what we eat and how we feel on a day-to-day basis. If more people were educated about just how damaging processed food is and how much it can negatively affect their lives it would prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering. I do my best to feed my children whole foods and educate them about the harmful effects of processed food (or what I like to call Frankenstein foods lol). Keep it up!

    • Robin Post author

      Hello Lyra and thank you for visiting my site. It is fantastic you are educating your children. Teaching them while they are young that real food tastes good and what it can do for you will be a tremendous help to them as the grow. I think that it is important for us to teach our children and not leave it up the the school system. The school system can only teach so much and unfortunately it is not always the best information for the individual. And I like what you call processed foods that is exactly what it is. Robin.

  • Shlomo Krudo

    How right you’re, when I walk down the isles at the grocery store and notice all the proccessed food I can see why diseases are flourishing.

    • Robin Post author

      Shlomo Krudo Yes if we would eat more fresh foods and cook from scratch like our mothers and grandmothers us to do we would all be a lot healthier. Thanks for visiting the site. Robin.

  • Sarah

    Hey Robin,
    great post. I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, but even with things that are fresh it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is really on and in our food. That is why I prefer to get my produce at the local farmers market.

    It is true, this is a big business and if we don’t make changes in what we eat and buy, how can we expect companies to change what they offer us. The sad thing is we can’t trust labels either, many of the so called “healthy” foods are made by big corporations and use GMOs and additives etc. So the more we know the better we can make decisions.

    However we also have to let our governments know what we want and fight for it. Especially with so much lobbying these days and companies trying to prevent us from knowing what is really in our food. It’s a scary place out there. Thanks for spreading your concerns.

    • Robin Post author

      Sarah. Thanks for visiting my site and for the nice comment. Yes I like the idea of buying from the local farmer a lot. I would also like to see a movement to have home gardens again. Hopefully a change will start to take place and grow into something large. Thanks again for visiting . Robin.

  • Jason

    Great post Robin. I recently watched a documentary which discussed how even the foods we think are fresh and natural are processed and have preservatives added.

    It is worrying to think about when you consider how this food can be so detrimental to our health.

    • Robin Post author

      Jason. I agree is is disturbing, one thing we can do is to buy from our local farmers and buy organic. That should help to reduce the amount of preservatives and fertilizers we ingest. Thank you for visiting my site. Robin