Part 2 of 3 Processed Foods are they bad for you?

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Processed Foods are they bad for you?


As our culture has changed so has the way culture addresses how to obtain the food we need. Years ago growing up I noticed that most everyone I knew had a back yard garden. Often an expansive one that covered most of the yard. Gardens were our pride and joy to be nurtured and shown off. Now not many people I know have a garden or even a yard large enough to plant a few favorite foods. I remember going out to the garden with Dad to pick the days crops and how wonderful the cherry tomatoes tasted picked right off the vine! Many did not even make it to the kitchen table. I also remember picking peas from the vine and how they tasted as good as candy. And it was always exciting when the first ears of corn were ready to be picked, dinner was going to be a sweet delight as we bit into a juicy sweet treat. And we could eat anything from Dadโ€™s garden off the vine without worrying about fertilizers or pesticides because Dad did not use them. Mom bought very little canned food from the store because our pantry was full from her hard work of preserving the produce from our own garden. Now if we want fresh vegetables we get them from the grocery store and even washing them is not getting rid of all the fertilizers and pesticides that have been used on them.

I remember going with my Grandmother to purchase fresh peaches from a local farm so that we could make peach jelly and canned peaches to have for the winter. It was always a treat because she would buy extra to eat as a dessert that evening, served with cream and a little sugar and cinnamon. A reward for going with her. I remember going to the strawberry farms so that we could make strawberry jelly. And how on the way home we would eat one after another until Gram (thatโ€™s what we called her) told us to save some for the jelly. Those were some wonderful times that made our childhood joyful and memorable.

Food we eat today comes from a grocery store and the process of preservation has changed. Food quality had decreased. Additives are added to preserve color, texture, and taste. Preservatives are added to prevent spoilage. Fertilizers and pesticides are need to be able to produce larger crops and prevent bugs from eating the crops. And we are ingesting these products with each bite we take. As the food is processed nutrients are lost and so supplements are added to replace them. Yet often those supplements are not in a form that our bodies can readily use.


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6 thoughts on “Part 2 of 3 Processed Foods are they bad for you?

  • Brooke

    Hey Robin,

    Awesome site, very true about healthy eating. Its amazing the amount of crap they put into our food, and a lot of it we don’t even know about. You should always be very careful what you feed to yourself and your family! Thanks for the post, it was a good read ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Robin Post author

      Thank you for visiting my site. You are so right we do not know what they are putting in our food and the sad thing is that they are fighting a bill to label the food and tell us if the product is made from GMO foods.

  • Emily

    hi Robin!
    I have the same memories as you ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember picking up raspberries and veggies from my grandma’s big garden. I inherited her love for gardening. Even if I only have a patio, I always plant herbs and some vegetables. Freshly grown veggies taste so much better. I only wish I had a big yard to plant more!

    • Robin Post author

      So nice to have some nice memories like ours to reflect back on Emily. Your patio garden must be nice also and fun to have. So nice to be able to just cut the herb you want to use for dinner the same night. Thanks for visiting my site. Robin

  • Viljoen

    Nice article Robin.

    I have watched a documentary once where a personal trainer guided an obese student through the process of weight loss.

    The first thing he told the student was to buy foods that does not have a long shelf life. It is strange how preservatives can make you gain weight.

    I also wonder where cancer comes from ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Robin Post author

      Thank You Viljoen and thank your for visiting my website. Preservatives in foods disturb the chemical make up in our body. Some of these change the chemicals in our brains that tell our bodies that we have had enough to eat. If that chemical process is interrupted we keep eating even though we have had enough to eat.