Nutrition Groups

Eat a variety they are filled with nutrients and fiber.

Eat a variety they are filled with nutrients and fiber.


 Living healthier lives


do they work

do they work

  • How can we live healthier lives?
  •  What are the best foods to eat?
  •  What is the best diet to follow?
  • There are many fads, diet pills and powders to choose from but do they work and how safe are they?
  • Is it OK to eliminate one food group to obtain fast weight loss and is it safe to loose fat too fast?
  • Can eating a diet with all the essential nutritional elements promote healing of some of the diseases that are in the world today?

Books and internet articles have many ideas on living healthier lives.  It can be difficult to sort through all of the information and apply it to our own life.  There is no one way to follow and it is unlikely making a big change is going to be effective or last.  So what should we do?  Where should we start?


Make Small Changes

Make Small Changes

Start Small and Grow

Start small. By making small changes and cementing them into your life, you are more likely to keep moving ahead.  Then after one small firmly cemented change, add a new change, continue in this manner and you can compound these small changes into a new and healthy life.


Backward steps

Regressing into old habits is not a failure and not the end of the new habit or a testimony to the fact that it will not work.  Reevaluate and continue.  I did not say start over I said continue.  The only failure is in quitting.  We must reevaluate to learn from what does not work so we can adjust to what will work for us.   There are many different people and cultures and each one has a different idea of what is right for them.  There is no one size fits all.  There is no  `best way` to meet the needs of everyone.  What works for me may not be best for you.  Your lifestyle,  who you are and your needs determine what is best for you.  Keep moving forward and soon you will find that the task attainable.




Climbing Mt. Everest


Take climbing a Mountain.  I mean a large one not a hill; let us look at Mt. Everest.  Every year many climbers attempt to climb, what is the difference between the ones that made it to the top and those that did not?

Planning, Preparation and Determination

Now Mt Everest is one of the most difficult mountains to climb and there are many challenges to overcome along the

A stupa under snow (left) on the trail to Tengboche monastery (centre). Mt Everest (8850m) is making clouds just left of centre, with Lhotse (8498m) partly obscured just to the right. Far right is Ama Dablam peak.

A stupa under snow (left) on the trail to Tengboche monastery (centre). Mt Everest (8850m) is making clouds just left of centre, with Lhotse (8498m) partly obscured just to the right. Far right is Ama Dablam peak.

way.  One is the lack of oxygen at the top of the mountain.  To be able to climb Mt. Everest takes a lot more than just walking up the mountain.    There are weeks of preparation and acclimation to go through.  Small climbs to get your body in shape, experience to learn how and when to move.  There are many mistakes to learn from before the actual day of climbing because Mt. Everest is a very unforgiving mountain and a mistake there could cost your life.  My point is that to make it possible to climb Mt. Everest there are smaller steps to accomplish and learn before the attempt to climb.  Making it to the top of Mt. Everest represents the long journey up the mountain AND the long journey of preparing to climb the mountain.  Those that made it to the TOP have learned many things along the way but most importantly, they learned from every mistake along the way and were determined to find a way to improve themselves.  They had determination, they did not quit.  They reevaluated, learned and moved on.

We also can reevaluate, learn and move on.  Quitting is just not an option.  Take a small step and then take the next step and the momentum of each step will propel you on.  It will be easier to start the next step because you have learned from the previous step.  You will have learned more about you.  All you have to do is start.

Eat well get healthy

Healing can occur naturally

Healing can occur naturally

Many leading diseases today can be reversed with a natural diet and supplements used with the proper instruction of a qualified Doctor. Following a healthy diet is the start to improving your health. Heart disease, diabetes 2, Allergies, and many others can be healed or greatly improved with natural foods and supplements. Cancer risk can be greatly reduced by following a natural diet. And if you have cancer you can greatly improve your chances of beating it.

The best ways to beat cancer, diabetes and heart disease: eat a wide variety of foods to get all the nutrition needed. This is what makes the body function at an optimal level.

 Tip:  It is important to drink ½ oz. of chlorine-free filtered water per pound of body weight daily.

A healthy diet includes a wide variety of foods

A healthy diet includes a wide variety of foods

Food Groups to include in your daily diet

Protein • Dairy • Fats • Vegetables • Fruits • Grains

A healthy diet includes a wide variety of foods everyday and water to hydrate your body and brain.  Choosing to eat for the nutrition that food provides and targeting a nutritional need may also help decrease many diseases common today.  Such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, food allergies and the list can go on and on.  Eliminating or at least limiting the processed foods and the chemicals in our food can go a long way in disease prevention.  Obesity today can be attributed to the amount of fast food and processed foods available.  Learning to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists is an important step in achieving and maintaining a healthy diet.

The body needs nutrition form all the Food Groups.

The body needs nutrition form all the Food Groups.

Protein and Dairy

  • It is important to eat meat or other sources of complete protein.
  • Eat a legume (bean) with a whole grain for a complete protein source.
    It is best to eat lean meats or meats that have the fat trimmed off.
    Fish is important to incorporate into your diet to get the vital nutrients from them.
  • Eggs are fine to eat in proper portions


  • Fats are important but it is vitally important to limit unhealthy fats and to incorporate healthy fats into your diet.
  • Still only take in the required servings to meet nutritional needs.
  • Mixed raw nuts and seeds are an important part of a diet. They can be eaten as a snack or as part of a meal.


  • Large garden fresh salads using a diversity of greens,
  • a variety of colored vegetables should be a large part of your diet. Fresh vegetables are high in fiber and nutritional value.


  • Fresh fruit should be a part of your daily diet. It is best to eat fruits that are in season in your area. Eat a variety they are filled with nutrients and fiber.

Grains (Carbohydrates)

  • Healthy natural grains that have not been genetically altered are important to eat. Use whole grains because they are high in fiber and other important nutrients.


  • Breakfast should be eaten within ½ hour after getting up. And it is important to eat breakfast.
  • Eat at least three meals and one snack daily. Depending on your caloric needs you many need to increase the snacks to 2 a day.
  • Coffee and tea are OK in moderation.
  • For sweeteners – Stevia or other natural sweeteners. Health food stores have a variety of natural sweeteners that can be used and are of nutritional value. Some can be used for cooking. Check out your local health food store.
  • All spices are good and have healing properties also.
  • Vinegar – use only unpasteurized apple cider vinegar as a supplement or as a salad dressing


Cover 1989 National Cancer Institute

Cancer Prevention

  •  Avoid sugars, lard, margarine, hydrogenated fats and oils, aspartame, Carbonated beverages (sugared and artificially sweetened) (Mineral water is ok), MSG, food coloring. If you cannot pronounce the ingredient on the label you should not eat it.
  • Any prepackaged, highly processed foods: potato and corn chips, sugared cereals, cookies, candies, cakes, and pastries, white rice, white bread, corn syrup, white sugar, (sucrose), maltose, dextrin, mannitol, fructose, aspartame
  • Avoid processed, cured, and salted meats, including bologna, bacon, sausage, salami, jerky, hot dogs, and frankfurters. These have chemicals that are really bad. These foods are extremely high in sodium and need to be limited or just avoided altogether.


Bran_Muffin_with_Tangelo_Fig_Compote-2 (1)

Bran Muffin with Tangelo Fig Compote

You can have occasional treats, such as pasta dishes and desserts, but not as a part of your daily diet. And always try to have these treats made with healthy ingredients. There are many books and websites that teach how to make nutritious baked goods with healthy for you ingredients and they taste wonderful.





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