Foundations for Healing

Foundations For Healing

Foundations for Healing
Holistic Plans for Your Return to Health and Vitality
Richard L Becker, D.O.

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Foundations for Healing

Holistic Plans for your Return to Health and Vitality

Richard L. Becker, D.O.

Includes The Healing Diet!!!

The Author Dr. Richard L. Becker, D.O.

Dr. Richard L. Becker, D.O. is board certified in Family Practice and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, He is a graduate of the University of Health Sciences, college of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, Missouri, and of the Loma Linda University, Riverside, California, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry.   Foundations For Healing gives specific information on health issues and the nutritional needs and supplements that are beneficial for improving those health issues.  Also provided is the Healing Diet to restore health, a Transitional Diet for slowly reintroducing and monitoring new foods and The Diet for the Rest of Your life to keep you healthy and living life.   Included in the book is a chapter on Nutritional Supplements, how to purchase them , use them responsibly to achieve the best results and a word of caution on the importance of informing your Doctor and Pharmacists about the supplements you are using.


His Story

Dr. Becker was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September 1997 and shares his story about the process it took for him to overcome cancer and his journey back to health.  This journey led Dr. Becker to an understanding of the need to treat the whole person with not only conventional medicine but with natural methods as well.  Dr. Becker’s purpose is to propose a lifestyle of holistic health and to teach the practices that lead to health and enjoying life from those fundamental truths.  Doctor Becker is very knowledgeable  and sincere as well as offering a very common sense approach to health and how to maintain it.    This book offers education to those looking for another approach to health and wellness and a hope  for a better future.  I have not only read and enjoyed this book but keep it as a reference book on my book self.  I highly recommend  this book to anyone looking for a way to improve health and wellness in their life.


Health Nutrition Diet Plans256px-Healthy_food

Foundations for Healing (Holistic Plans for Your Return to Health and Vitality)

includes 3 diets to follow;


Starting out with the healing diet to bring you back to health, then follow the transitional diet to introduce foods back into your diet slowly and the diet for the rest of your life to help you maintain health to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Diet Supplements

Dr. Becker stresses using natural products and supplements to help bring health and vitality.  He talks about intestinal health and how this is the place to start to bring about healing.  Each chapter of the book addresses a medical condition and gives information for healing on that particular condition.


My Recommendation

I have always been interested in how natural methods and nutrition could be used to heal and bring a person back to health.  After reading this book I have a clearer understanding of how this can be accomplished. I have made changes to my own diet and lifestyle that have improved my overall health.  I now understand how what I was eating was actually causing harm to my system and how one seemingly small pattern in diet could affect many areas.  I also understand better about antibiotics and what they can do to you beside just treat the condition they were given to you for.  And why it is so important to take the entire dose as exactly prescribed.


Weight Loss, Diabetes, Cancer, overall improvement of life

I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to lose weight; has diabetes; has been diagnosed with cancer, or anyone who just wants to improve their health and live life to the fullest.  This book is a fantastic reference book and one that can be read straight through.


Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker

After reading Dr. Becker’s book Foundations for Healing I discovered his television program called Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker.  I was so impressed with him and his wife.  They were so sincere in their desire to teach about this holistic approach and bring wellness to their viewers.  There was no hype involved at all.  No wild claims that all could be healed with some special magic ingredient that only he had the knowledge of.  I was also impressed that Dr. Becker was still learning from current research and sharing that information with the viewers.  During a segment of the show he focuses on a particular condition or illness and what can be used from a holistic plan to treat that condition.  Dr. Becker’s wife Cindy has a cooking segment teaching how to use healthy ingredients to create a delicious meal.  I learned from her how to prepare and make a good meal out of tofu,  it really tasted great and turned out well because of her instructions.


Although I do receive a small amount if you click on the link above and purchase the book,  I do not receive anything for the resources provided below.  My purpose was only to recommend  a book I have found very valuable and informative.  Copy and past the following links to go to Dr. Becker’s sites.  He offers many helpful products for health and wellness.  Look for his health and wellness program for information and inspiration on improving health and bringing wellness and hope.  Also watch Cindy as she provides wonderful advice on how to prepare a healthy but tasty meal. And if Dr. Becker asks how you heard about him please tell him that a very satisfied reader recommend  his book.  It has made a difference in my life and I am sure it will make a difference in yours also.

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