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Hi.  My name is Robin.

Nutrition and how it affects health has been an interest to me for many years now.  My husband has Diabetes and how we eat has a big effect on his health.   Because of that I have been researching this subject trying to find ways to improve our health.  I have read several books on health and how diet can be used to improve many conditions.  I have also researched many websites for information on diet and food plans to follow.  Some of these have been helpful some have not.  I hope to share with my findings and what has been helpful and what is not so helpful.

Food we eat, or do not eat, changes the chemical processes in our body sometimes to our benefit and sometimes to the detriment of it.  The way that we look at food and how we use it could help us in what we choose to put in our body’s.  If we know that we have a certain medical condition then we can choose to eat foods that will help that medical condition.  Improving our diets helps the medicine that the doctors prescribe to us to work better.  Sometimes the food we eat can eliminate the need or lessen the amount of medication needed.  The cost of our mediation bill each month then is reduced helping our financial pockets.  Also many of the medications have side effects and eliminating them can eliminate those side effects. Sometimes we know that certain foods are causing problems for our bodies then we know that it is best to avoid those foods.   My real point is that we can use food for the purpose that it was intended for and improve our lives.

Food must taste good and we should enjoy it.  But the real purpose of food is to give nutrition and make the body function at its best.

I hope to share information that I find on my journey to better health; and to help others find information that will help them on their journey to better health also.

Thanks for visiting my web Page.


Email: robin@letsgethealthytoday.com