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Hello My name is Robin.

For many years now I have been interested in the healing properties of nutrition, health and diet. I see all of the processed foods we eat and the rise in the cancer rate, diabetes and other devastating diseases and wonder how we can be missing the connection between them. More and more children are overweight and getting less and less physical exercise today causing them to have diseases that were once only in adults. Our body is a complicated system able to heal itself if given the right nutrients to do so. Man-made medicine can only do so much and we are seeing so many detrimental side effects because of medications. Often it is a vicious cycle of taking a medication for the disease and another medication to treat the side effects of the first medication.

Eat Organic when Possible

How to live a Healthier Life is a place to see a small list of foods and the nutritional benefits they offer.  Using information such as this list and from a nutritionist could help you focus in on your own nutritional needs.

Also offered here are tips to help you improve your health and general well being.  Simple steps to take that will help you change an unhealthy habit, and start you on a journey to better health.

Click on the link: Tips on How to Live a Healthier Life to improve your diet.

 Nutrition Groups: Get well Get Healthy

Nutrition Groups: Get well Get Healthy

Make a lasting change for your health through nutrition

There must be a better way. A way to be healthy, enjoy life and stay around to see our children grow up. I believe there is and it is in our nutrition. What we put in our body and when we put it in. I believe it is in our lifestyle. I believe we have the power to change the epidemic downward spiral of ill health.

click on the link Nutrition Groups  for information on what to include in your diet.


Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Health, Diet and Cookbooks Reviews

Do you have Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Eczema, Recurrent Respiratory Infections, the Common Cold.  See the recommendations from two doctors on how to improve these and many other health issues of today.

I have reviewed some books on Health, Diet and Cookbooks, that can help you make healthy choices for your life.   The link My Book Reviews will take you to my page of Reviews.

For a view on Holistic Health Read these great books.

Foundations for Healing

  • Dr. Richard L. Becker, D.O.
  • The Sinatra Solution
  • Metabolic Cardiology

The Sinatra Solution

Hope for Preventing and Treating Heart Disease

  • Metabolic Cardiology
  • About Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Healing can occur naturally

Healing can occur naturally

Nutrition Highlight of the week

Highlighting a nutrition or health topic to bring valuable information you need to know. The link to the right will take you to my Nutrition Highlight for the week.

  • Review of Forks over Knives Cookbook to improve your Diet.
  • Important information on Co Q 10 and what it can do for you.
  • Processed foods and your health.

People on treadmills

Fitness and that word EXERCISE

  •  Lets get moving
  •  Just 30 Minutes a day to start will get your motivation up and going.
  • It is important to make it fun.
  • For more on exercise click on the link Fitness



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Let’s Get Healthy Today

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33 thoughts on “Lets Get Healthy Today

  • Jason

    I believe that we should make our food our medicine and our medicine our food. Many are too caught up in the fast food lifestyle because of laziness. The foods which are good for us may not be oily or full of fats, the hard truth is that most foods which are good for us may taste bad while the foods which are really bad does taste good to our tongues.

    I have disciplined myself a long time ago to make sure that I moderate what I eat. I do my endeavor best to eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible.

    Your website is surely a gem that many people will learn from in the coming days, months and years ahead. Keep on doing the world a kind favor by sharing these valuable information on health. I am sure that I will be coming back.

    All the best,

    • Robin Post author

      Thank you Jason. Our lives have become so busy that we look to the easy meal solutions. The role of processed foods and fast food have caused some real problems for our health. I am glad to hear that you focus on eating fruits and vegetables that will help your overall health. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a comment here.

  • Phil

    Robin, I love your website and we seem to be in perfect agreement on eating healthy and daily exercise.
    I have been following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” program for over three years, and it will be the basis on how I eat for the rest of my life.

    Keep up the great work and I will be back often.

    • Robin Post author

      Hello Phil.
      I have visited Dr. Joel fuhrman’s Website and the information there is very valuable. I can see that this is a great program. I am glad that you have found a program to follow that fits your lifestyle and improves your health. It is so important to focus on the nutrition that a body needs and I can see that is what Dr.Fuhrman is promoting. Great to hear from you. Robin

  • Provillus

    Appreciating the persistence you put into your site and detailed information you provide.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old
    rehashed material. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my
    Google account.

    • Robin Post author

      Thank you Provillus for visiting my site and for the nice comment. I am glad that you liked the information. My husband has been in the hospital so I haven’t had time to do a lot. I will get back to this as soon as I can. Thanks again for visiting.

  • Neil

    Hey, Robin. There is so much great information here on getting healthy, and I really appreciate the effort you have put in to helping others get on to the right track in life 🙂

    I will certainly be back to read some of your health and diet cook book reviews too as I need to get in better shape for the English summer 😉

    Cheers. Neil

    • Robin Post author

      Thank you Neil. What I have put here I have had to learn for my own family. There are so many diet scams and many are not healthy. I just like to share the information that I have learned with others so they can know how to get healthy too.

  • Shell

    Great resources here on your site. I, too, am more aware than ever of the poor food choices that surround us everywhere and need more resources that help me with making the right selections every day. Yours will be one of the websites I will turn to!

  • Patrick

    You have an excellent site here, addressing a very important topic. I’ve recently begun focusing more on my own health, via diet and regular exercise, and have seen (and felt) significant results. I agree with you that the body has an amazing ability to heal and sustain itself with proper nutrition and exercise. People can, and should, avoid prescription drugs as much as possible — the list of negative side effects for prolonged use of virtually all of them is mind boggling. As the old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

    • Robin Post author

      Patrick you are correct that when possible we should avoid prescription drugs and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We must teach children to eat properly so that when they are adults they know what choices are good for them and what is not. We can also help doctors in the treatments that they prescribe to help us get healthy by changing our current nutrition intake to what we need to get healthy again. The reason obesity is such a big problem today is because of the food that we are eating and not just the amount we are eating. Processed food is not providing the nutrition the body needs.

  • Craig

    Like your information here Robin, I think that eating the right foods is essential for looking after our bodies, but also our minds. Healthy mind healthy body.

  • Craig

    Your information on your website is very helpful, and taking care of what you eat is very important. I think it’s important not only from a physical perspective, but from a mental one also.

    • Robin Post author

      Craig. Thank you for visiting. Yes good nutrition is very important on our brain and that affects how the brain operates. If we are eating properly we will be better able to think and cope with life situations.

  • Ashlan

    Hi Robin, I enjoyed this website. I can really tell that you want to help people live a better life by living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for the information.

    • Robin Post author

      Ashlan. Thank you for visiting my site. I do hope that I am providing information people can use to make them feel better and happier. Robin

  • Benjamin

    Wow, thanks for all of the information and resources you provide on this very essential part of us. It’s an old cliche but we are what we eat, and a lot of that stuff isn’t good for us.

    • Robin Post author

      Benjamin. Thank you for visiting my site. I am glad that you found the information useful. I so agree with you about this being and essential part of us and that a lot of the stuff that we eat is not good for us. Robin.

  • Abigail

    Wow, what a great site. I really enjoy your articles and this is a subject I also find very interesting. Thank you so much and many blessings.

  • Dave

    I totally agree with you healthy life style picture. I have been going
    that direction for a while and fell great about it! Nice site!

    • Robin Post author

      Thank You Dave for your comment. So glad you trying to improve your life and health. It can and will give you more enjoyment out of your life and that of your family. Hope that as I add more information to my site you will be back to tell us how you are and what helped you to make changes in your life. Thanks Robin

  • Fred Chong

    The focus on nutrition helps to remind us to take a serious look at the negative impact of food processing technology. The application of food science may help to alleviate the harms of food quality and processing. There is an ongoing battle between social responsibility and profit in the supply food chain.

    • Robin Post author

      I am sure that you are correct about the ongoing battle between social responsibility and profit in the supply food chain. And Profit is not a dirty word. Purchasing from our local area may be a way to help in this. However the foods produced today go beyond this and we have produced so much convenience foods and fast food restaurants that we now have another problem to add and that is the health of our nation and the world.

  • Dale

    We face an increasing number of challenges to our health and wellness through our environment. Now, more than ever, it is critically important that we pay close attention to our bodies’ needs and the way we treat them. This website is a good resource for gaining and sharing practical knowledge so that we can all become better equipped to protect ourselves from illness and maintain overall good health

    • Robin Post author

      Dale Thanks for the comment. You are right about the challenges to our health. But we can take control and make significant improvements.